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    At work: kick some dangerous automation into prod and hope it implodes rather than explodes. Maybe it will even work for a bit?

    Classes: catch up on recorded orientation meetings. First homework becomes available on the 29th and is due the 30th, to set the tone for the semester.

    Home projects if I have time: migrate the rat’s nest of garbage I host on my soon-to-expire GCP free trial onto my next 3-month free trial period.

    Also would like to run some benchmarks on a fast tokenizer in a paper I read. The benchmarks they published were amortized over multilingual corpora, but I wanted to see how the performance varies per-language, given its dependence on whitespace. If I really want to suffer, after that I might write about it, and then long-term suffering might be to think about a followup with some improvements to it.

    At some point, I’ll feel anxious about moving. Maybe I’ll play elden ring a smidge.

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      Looks nice! :)

      Small feedback: it might be worth putting a screenshot in the gist. Clicking through to codepen needs a captcha, at least for me!