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    I don’t support this idea. Over the years I’ve derived significant value from posts the authors themselves shared here, and based on the discussions within those topics other members of the community are finding value as well. Frankly, I could not care less about the motives of the author so long as the content is relevant and thought-provoking. The community seems to handle low-content or spam posts with derision or neglect and the mods tend to do a good job of removing posts that are clearly not a fit. If you don’t think enough is being done to fight low-content posting then perhaps the discussion should be around that rather than calling to put in place policies that will undoubtedly discourage people from contributing to the community.

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      Crypto should be for cryptography.

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        It should, but in practice it’s also used for cryptocurrencies. Either we have to be diligent about using tag suggestions or rename it to be explicit. The latter seems simpler and less effort on us.

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          I think it should be okay for newbies to not know what some of the terms mean, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up and throw in the towel immediately and redefine basic terminology. We can treat it as a teaching moment. “Wrong tag: crypto means…” That doesn’t seem like too high a price for people who might have something valuable to offer once they get their footing.

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            That’s because they are cryptography. The problem is the people using a general label when a specific one exists. Better to just remind them cryptocurrencies is there for that. Also, this is another case where API could be handy to automate the steps of tag suggestion plus sending the message.