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    No ones mentioned Appcode - my Swift IDE of choice.

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      many JS programmers aren’t very good at it and they make ecosystem-defining libraries anyway

      every PHP programmer is bad at programming

      it’s hard to see your technical arguments when you use personal comments like this

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        Yeah - I know several amazing programmers working on wp-core. They’re willing to use PHP in return for a chance to work on the tech that powers nearly 1/4 of all websites.

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          There are some perhaps, but they are the exception.

          Like the author I have stopped paying attention to JS developers and their latest frameworks, they show a lack of knowledge of CS and reinvent small parts of systems that have existed elsewhere for a long time and present them as something new.

          No doubt there are some exceptions, but its to hard to find them as the bulk of JS developers can’t tell the difference.

          Just to be clear I’ve used both because I’ve had to, but if I wanted to build something knew there are better languages. This isn’t personal, merely an observation of JS developers in general, again there are exceptions but the signal to noise ratio is too low.