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    This is great but please either add a volume warning to the demo video or edit the video itself to clamp down the volume, it is extremely loud.

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      warning added! thanks for the feedback

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      My comment:

      Very interesting idea and very good experience. Love the visual design. Would be happy to see it in detail but I guess it is not open-source?

      A phenomenon I observe is that when many of us are at the same place, right after one person start to click and drag, the rest start to do the same thing. But after a while, I found that available synths are quite limited so I close the page. I guess the creator can get some statistics and test with different sound making possibilities. Can have some genres preferences such as Melody or Noise feast…

      An idea is to use Glicol.js( as the audio engine instead of the raw Web Audio API and save the result somewhere so it can be reused for research or future composition. The usage of Glicol like this can be found on

      Some socials would be even better. On Glicol website( there is also an App for collaborative music live coding where at least we can change the name and chat as comments.

      All in all, I see great potential in this App. I feel that the best place for it is actually in different museums like Tate. I once thought about setting up some collaborative live coding devices that way. But this is apparently a better fit for the museum context for its intuitiveness!

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        I have also made a video demo for the workflow:

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          I would be super excited to see someone play live coding music with this kind of keyboard together with Glicol language:

          I design this language under a standard keyboard. Not sure if the experience will be completely different.

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            I just had a performance with Glicol ( at the C2HO ( Opening Event. I do want to improve the syntax in many ways. But the scale of work of big refactoring requires some determination from me.