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    Does anybody use koa instead of express for nodejs projects? I tried koa a few months ago for a medium size project, and although the API is nice, the community support is almost non-existent. Did I miss something?

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      OP here. I don’t have a wealth of experience with Koa but in the past few days I have been using it to build a Shopify application (they provide utility libraries for Koa which is the reason I tried Koa in the first place) and I have been enjoying it. The documentation of the core project and the modules I use is thorough, and the community, whilst smaller than Express, feels supportive.

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      1. Find a topic for a new article for my blog: I have a few subjects (C socket chat app, virtio protocol) I learned recently, and I think the best way to consolidate this knowledge is to write about it.
      2. I want to get into some functional language. Most probably this will be OCaml, but I have been procrastinating that for some time. Maybe I will try it out this weekend.

      If not, I will probably chill out :)

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        Although the article makes a valid point, there are cases where it’s still beneficial to use MongoDB. That “never” should be taken with a grain of salt.

        For example event-like data such as message logs.