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    Well, I treated myself to a 4-day weekend by taking Friday and Monday off as vacation days (“Use ’em or lose ’em!”). Spent most of yesterday relaxing and fending off the tail end of this flu. Played Doom 2016 in the morning, hit the gym, played classic Doom upon my return, and then recorded and uploaded an episode for Hacker Public Radio.

    I’ll be going out later tonight for dinner by the bay (supposed to be a nice night). Spent the morning interacting with family during breakfast and then hit the gym.

    As for the next few days, I plan to hit the beach on Monday for some ocean air and relaxation since everyone else will be working. After that, heading home to pick up my sons and then celebrate my niece’s birthday altogether with a dinner out.

    Still not sure about Sunday. More than likely, more relaxing. After a rough two weeks, I need the lazy days. 😁

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      All of the ones I have are used but run everything very well. I have an HP ProBook 4540s with Fedora 28 and I recently installed OpenBSD 6.4 on my previous laptop which is a Toshiba Portege M400. I just need to get a new keyboard and battery for it and I need to find the stylus to see if it works. Very happy with both laptops.

      At work, I have a Dell Latitude D620 running FreeBSD 11.2 and an ancient Dell Inspiron 9200 running Slackware -current. Breathed new life into those old beasts.

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        Aside from relax, I hope to finish up a couple of songs I’ve been working on and possibly start a new one. Using Qtractor, Qjackctl, Hydrogen, QMidiArp, and Yoshimi along with some other soft synths for my workflow.