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    Working on a blog post for doing shape typing on numpy ndarrays

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      The top use case of Nix for myself and coworkers is trying out new software via nix-shell.

      Being able run and share commands like nix-shell -p simplescreenrecorder --command "simplescreenrecorder" and not have to worry about anything else is pretty sweet.

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        You might like nix run, which uses Flakes and “apps” to simplify that a bit:

        nix run nixpkgs#simplescreenrecorder
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          Nice! Will definitely try it. Feels a bit akin to comma

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        I would be interested to see this applied to v86 and the build pipeline to compile lwIP & tailscale to wasm.

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          I ended up doing a similar thing but over s3 and s3fs.

          The only practical use case I tried using this is for “overflow swap” to delay oom killings.

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            Just finished “Designing Data-Intensive Applications”, was very interesting and easy to read. I’m still in the process of deciding the next one.

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              I rate Designing Data-Intensive Applications very highly indeed. Might put it on the list for a re-read!

              A friend also recommended Seven Databases in Seven Weeks but I’ve not got around to it yet.

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                I will take a look, from the description it takes a very practical approach which could be a challenge, because the book was released in 2012.

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                Ooo “Designing Data-Intensive Applications” is so good! I read it last year, and should probably review my notes 😅

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                  Nice, I am currently reading that book too.

                  As a suggestion, Seven concurrency model in seven week is also a rather nice read, and would complement nicely what you are reading now.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

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                    Truly an an amazing book.

                    Another O’Reilly with similar ideas is “Fundamentals of data engineering”. Also worth a read

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                      Did you read this book cover to cover? It’s so hard for me to stay focused on such a long book, but every time I pick a chapter, I learn something new

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                      Working on a blog post to clearly communicate the primitive root theorem. It’s a pretty slippery non intuitive proof, but very satisfying


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                        And here I am, a fool with three screens, who regularly forgets which wallpaper is currently on use on that specific machine because the windows are always covering it.

                        Especially weird when I think about all the hours I spent customizing my OS/WM and actually making my own wallpapers in the early 00s.

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                          ^ definitely with you there. Launching apps full screen on startup made me forget I even had a background.