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    Bash on Arch, with bash completion and set completion-ignore-case on in my .inputrc

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      Hopefully they start blocking installation of 3rd party browsers entirely, then maybe people would stop using their garbage platform.

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        Didn’t stop people using iOS

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        I can’t believe no one has mentioned Riseup yet. I could try to explain all the things that makes them great, but you’d be better off just reading this https://riseup.net/en/about-us.

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          How do they plan to avoid the same scenario that hit HushMail?

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            I would also love to know this. They’re based in the USA and could get hit any time. Even assuming that I trust their canary, I don’t trust their country’s laws.

            Not trying to criticise them: my country (Spain) is no better, and I appreciate them going out of their ways to provide privacy for their users unlike most mail services.

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          The title of this made me laugh, but accurate post!

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            I mean I’m sure they’re on archive.org if you really can’t pay for them, there are better books to learn Python though