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    Seems like the author is somewhat confused about a few points…

    Ethereum Layer 2, known as Phase 0, which is expected before the end of 2020 is expected to reduce gas prices and increase speeds from 15 transactions per second to somewhere around 150 thousand.

    Ethereum Layer 2 is not the same thing as Ethereum 2.0 phase 0. Layer 2 is a diverse set of scaling technologies that basically boils down to various techniques for running little blockchains that have a bridge to the main Ethereum chain and can inherit some of it’s security guarantees.

    Ethereum 2.0 is a plan to split the main blockchain into a bunch of smaller blockchains (shards), that can all communicate through a root blockchain (the beacon chain). Phase 0 is the first part of a phased rollout of this plan, and will involve the deployment of this beacon chain only.

    The 150.000 TPS number seems rather fanciful, but something in that order of magnitude will perhaps be possible in a year or two when both approaches are combined (see here for one potential outcome).

    As of today the various layer 2 technologies allow for a few hundred to a few thousand TPS depending on their capabilities.

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      Ah you’re right. Not sure where I read 150k but I’ve updated it, thanks!

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      Bash on Arch, with bash completion and set completion-ignore-case on in my .inputrc

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        Hopefully they start blocking installation of 3rd party browsers entirely, then maybe people would stop using their garbage platform.

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          Didn’t stop people using iOS

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          I can’t believe no one has mentioned Riseup yet. I could try to explain all the things that makes them great, but you’d be better off just reading this https://riseup.net/en/about-us.

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            How do they plan to avoid the same scenario that hit HushMail?

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              I would also love to know this. They’re based in the USA and could get hit any time. Even assuming that I trust their canary, I don’t trust their country’s laws.

              Not trying to criticise them: my country (Spain) is no better, and I appreciate them going out of their ways to provide privacy for their users unlike most mail services.

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            The title of this made me laugh, but accurate post!

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              I mean I’m sure they’re on archive.org if you really can’t pay for them, there are better books to learn Python though