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    Mostly random musings about various technical things. I’m attempting to write more, it just ends up getting pushed off for other work.

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      This week I wrote a tiny url server in Go with a MySQL backend as a way to get myself familiar with the language and some of the language constructs that eluded me a bit earlier in my playing with it. I’m probably going to be writing a blog post about it just to dive as deeply into different aspects of the code to further my understanding.

      Simple, yet effective.

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        I’m working on an API which will index white papers for keywords and full-text search and let you retrieve urls for those papers via the API. Building it using Elasticsearch and Go for the webserver.

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          I created a silly application that is just an API for “fortunes” found here: I may start running them through a markov chain to see what I get and of course, give an API for that.

          The current Pokemon using twitch to control the player has piqued my interest in genetic algorithms and I’m probably going to write my own for completing a game of Tetris. Done to death but good for flexing my brain.