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    The fact that GitHub has turned into a SJW centered company does take into consideration how important a diversity of ideas is.

    I’ve read inquiries within GitHub comments of SJWs attempting to smear the reputation of developers who simply believe in different political viewpoints or ways of life.

    My ability to put up with trash talking SJWs within the Open Source community is running out quickly.

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      (in 2 years, this is the only comment of yours that you haven’t deleted? Seriously?)

      Unless you’re going to back up your accusations with links to things, calling them “facts” is rubbish. “SJW” as a blanket term is pretty bankrupt, so you have to be more specific about what policies you are disliking. Also, please learn how to hyphenate.

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        Would you be specific? What actions has Github the company taken that offend you? Whose reputation has been smeared?

        I nearly stopped reading your comment because inflammatory short-hand like this doesn’t carry much information about the subject but allows me to ascribe some information about you. Now I’m curious.