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    I would love to see this book completed. I think it’d be a great service to the Haskell community.

    1. 6

      Having spent the last 2 years starting a (Haskell) company, my time for open source is not abundant. If things go well I’ll certainly pick it up again though.

      1. 3

        I’m with him on this, I’ve just read the first 4 or 5 chapters, but I’m planning to eventually sit down and follow it through, implementing everything. If there is anything we can do (as a community I mean) to help with it, say so! At the very least I can help reporting typos :]

        1. 2

          That’s completely understandable. I hope the company’s doing well.

          1. 2

            No rush, we can wait :)

            I actually binge-read/reproduced write you a haskell for the last three days.

            I really enjoyed it, thanks for writing it!

            1. 2

              Wonderful, makes me happy to hear people get some value out of the first manuscript.

              1. 1

                Yep, its quite cool, I learnt a lot. Just being selfish in saying it would be great to have it completed. But I also understand you starting a business and having commitments. So no worries, thanks for all the fish so far!

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          I’ve been working on a CSS minifier for quite some time. In many cases it achieves better results than the minifiers normally used, although it doesn’t provide much compatibility options for older browsers. I was currently playing with the idea of using GADTs to refactor a module, which I managed to, but now I’m having issues when mixing them with type classes in another module. I’m hoping type families might help, although that’s beyond my knowledge at the moment. Anyway, I’d love any feedback on the project, so if you have some free time please try it out!