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    I’ve tried to like Nix (and NixOS) several times, but it just doesn’t cut it. It’s too awkward and complex, not unlike opinionated functional programming.

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      Did you ever try Guix? I am interested in these things but don’t want to invest time in one if I am just going to inevitably switch to the other.

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        There is a steep learning curve and I completely agree that documentation has much room for improvement. Any immediate pain points you hit that we could improve on?

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          Here’s a few ideas:

          • the main nix-env command should be made more ergonomic. I think there already exists “nix” which makes most of this happen. I haven’t checked nix out in 1 year or so, so things may have gone better already in this area.

          • tutorial walkthroughs for common user and admin activities

          • tutorial walkthroughs for common devops things. Ansible and terraform are de facto standards, and if nix(os) is trying to replace them, it should replace them well and not haphazardly.

          • an accessible wiki (arch linux nailed this one, but you need lots of people to pull this off)

          As an aside to whoever keeps doing that: it’s not very cool to randomly downvote people you disagree with as “troll”. Typically I wouldn’t mind, but now lobste.rs has started harassing people with a scary warning sign if you get too many (more than 10?) of these in 30 days.