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    One other not-so-serious idea I had is a notion of “hats”, so when posting a comment, one could post it while wearing one of his “hats” that were setup for his account.

    For instance, “moderator of this site” would be one of my hats, or “employee of XYZ company”. If I were posting a comment about my company and wanted to indicate that I am actually an employee, I could select my “employee of XYZ company” hat while posting and that would be shown above the comment.

    The process for obtaining a hat would be something like responding to an email at a company’s domain name or some other verifiable source. Just a thought…

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      I’ve exactly used this idea of wearing an official hat on a site I built. I’ve used it infrequently (low-traffic site), but I’m very glad to have it. It’s hard to remember that every comment I write somewhere will be the first, totally context-free thing someone has ever seen me say.

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        I quite like this idea. It reminds me of one of Quora’s best features, lending a level of credibility to the source without requiring some overblown bio.

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          Interesting idea yeah. As a lurker/member my votes reflect my personal opinion. When I respond to questions/comments/criticism of my work or company, it could be interesting to stand out as a credible source.