1. 1

    Trail building tomorrow morning and a long road ride on Sunday if the forecast holds.

    Dry weather can’t get here soon enough. I miss mountain biking every weekend something fierce.

    1. 7

      After a brutal three weeks of on-call, I’m going to play on bikes in the woods.

      1. 2

        Enjoy ! That’s the kind of activity that make you feel alive :)

      1. 3

        Bikes. All kinds of bikes.

        It started with looking for a better way to get around the city. Then came the road bike, long rides, a race and cyclocross. I bike toured for a few months last year and this year has seen me on the trails with my mountain bike as often as possible.

        It’s a great way to get around and a perfect speed at which to see the world. It’s not for everyone but it’d be cool if everyone tried it.

        Other than that, photography (which has come from wanting to take decent pictures of the things I see on bike rides) and music.