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    We are a small, fairly young, and very friendly software development business looking to fill 2 roles:

    • a consultant/freelance dev experienced with .NET / .netcore stack on Azure for a 1-2 month project making up some resource for a London client. Greenfield, web app, API, and SQL server. Start ASAP, should be able to do ~1 day/week in London, otherwise remote fine. Azure chops a bonus!

    • a mid-level ongoing dev. role as part of a very small team, .NET stack + Azure + whatever we choose next! Willing to learn and build up in the role. London / Bucks UK based, “mostly remote” very much an option. Looking to recruit by Jan 2019. Front-end skills a benefit.

    Feel free to pm me for more detail.

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      not sure if it’s appropriate to post that here, as I am happily employed, but the logo on your site looks quite pixelated even on my sub-full-hd resolution.

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        Yes, I should have mentioned, new site in the works… That one is currently a bit of a placeholder. Thanks!

        Others: we are young enough to still have a content-free, placeholder website… with a VR man on it, too ;)

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      Excellent - copy bought.

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        This may have changed since last I tried this method of running plan9port acme on Windows under Xming, but I did have the problem that right-click search within a pane does not snap the cursor position to the next result as per other platforms. This is probably an Xming thing. As @C-Keen mentions, acme-sac is working well for me on Win10 (with -g2560x1440)