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    Would it be feasible to add DNS-over-TLS service directly to pihole?

    (haven’t used pihole, but have toyed with the idea, specifically to block ads in Android)

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      The more often you deploy code the more comfortable you get with your tools and your process. It’s better if you are in a position to push code changes at any time, and have confidence that the process won’t leave your app in a half-broken state.

      Another thing that takes some pressure off is a good unit test coverage. Passing tests don’t guarantee everything will work perfectly, of course, but at least I can have some level of confidence that there are no big obvious blunders in the code I’m shipping.

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        Continuous Deployment (CD) also has a nice feedback loop with tests.

        Without CD, developers become more and more careful about deploying, until it becomes impossible to deploy without regressions.

        With CD, the solution is to write more/better tests