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    REAMDE by Neal Stephenson. He left such a foul taste in my mouth after seveneves that I am relieved that this seems, so far, a lot more like Cryptonomicon.

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      I thought reamde started off really strong but unfortunately there wasn’t a good payoff in the end.

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        That’s basically every book by Stephenson.

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          I dunno, I will never forget the last bit of Cryptonomicon, personally. Would love to see that in mini-series form

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        Hmm, I loved seveneves. Currently on Snow Crash.

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          Neal Stephenson’s prose can be pretentious at times. Is that what you found in seveneves?

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            3/4 of the book was in current time or in the very near future and on or around Earth, then the last 1/4 of the book was a completely different story in a different time and place. I think many people found it very jarring. The only connection between the two stories is that the events of the first one had a profound effect leading to the second one. The second story was also difficult to get into, because 800 pages into a book is not when you want to be reading a ton of exposition and being introduced to new characters.

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            REAMDE is really fun and full of Stephenson’s trademark tangents, but I wouldn’t classify it as sci fi (which was a bit unexpected for me).

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              Also reading this right now. I’m really enjoying it!

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                Several of the characters from REAMDE have stuck in my mind. Interesting book and a good departure for Stephenson.

                First half of seveneves was fun, last part, as often with him, regrettable.

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                  I completely agree about seveneves. It was like two books for me. One of which was quite good and the other an interesting concept for a setting for a different story, but unfortunately not compelling enough to draw me into the plot or characters.

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                There’s another link on there that has less cryptic examples:

                specifically helpful are the comparison between a1.c and a1.k

                I have no idea of course what those are from, or what they are for besides maybe an intro CS class, but maybe all will be revealed to us soon.