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    I have begun pondering such a move because I want to be the customer, not the product. So, I researched mail providers and landed on either Fastmail or Protonmail. I was very interested in finding a provider that could provide the same user experience in a desktop browser and an iOS app. One thing that I rely upon heavily are the GMail keyboard shortcuts for the desktop app. So far, I haven’t been able to find anyone who provides these short of the subset provided by Outlook.com, but I really dislike Outlook for numerous reasons. Can anyone provide some feedback regarding the Fastmail and Protonmail vs. the Gmail user experience?

    My thought on migration was to set the Reply-To header in GMail to my new email address thereby automating a lot of the work necessary by people who email me. However, given that GMail does not obey the Reply-To header in messages, migration becomes more of a manual task for people who email me. Instead of using the Reply-To header, I will probably just set up another email address in GMail and use that one as the default. This should provide the same end result allowing people who email me to not care from what address I email them and instead just reply blindly to my messages.

    Does anyone have any experience they can convey on these subjects?

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      I switched from gmail to zoho. I’m not a massive shortcut user, but they seem to have very similar shortcuts to gmail, and I’ve otherwise been very happy with them.

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        I don’t use keyboard shortcuts on web pages but from what I see on my Fastmail account they do provide keyboard shortcuts for every single action in the UI. This would also be a very good use case for a browser addon - create/change the webpage keyboard shortcuts.

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        I don’t really see any value in this kind of articles.

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            Thanks for digging that up. The top two posts on that thread are informative critiques I think.