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    I was on the job for 4 months at a local company with the initials of Z.S. (they sell GPS devices that your school bus has in it); I learned that how silently a company can accept the abuse is the most frightening.

    • As I am of the male type; I find myself mistakenly in situations I don’t know how to deal with (or grasp)

    So I’ll give you a small checklist; if you hear these things you should pack your back and run. Don’t ask for your final paycheck; just run.

    1. Finding out that the R&D Manager hired a Hooker from SeaTac and brought her back to the office; had everyone take the day off except for who the Hooker was for.
    2. During Job Interview’s (phone); if the Interviewee is female the R&D Manager would often look up porn with the same name as her; and joke with the other guys in the office that maybe she would look like that. Sometimes Magazines were used; but as the Internet age woke up ..

    When I complained to H&R about these abuses; their response was ‘I thought you were one of the guys who accepted this stuff’. In otherwords.

    Boys will be boys; why are you complaining about this?

    P.S. H&R was full of Women who had accepted this behavior. So don’t assume that Men are the only perpetrators; nor are women the only victims.

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      It’s quite disturbing how Men inappropriately introduce sexual terms; nuances; innuendo

      Confronting the perpetrator is usually violent and full of rage at the accusation and will then throw down more derogatory statements.

      I would be scared to work in a workplace where my coworkers admit to having rape fantasies out loud; where my boss will give me a raise if I give him some personal attention.

      1. It’s a job; it’s not a dating site. Most people come to work to work; but there’s a growing percentage of people who use their workforce as their dating site.
      2. The growing number of claims from women against men still go unsatisfied; there is always a loophole or an excuse for their behavior.
      3. The more popular the person is; the greater the possibility he will lash out unwittingly.
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        I agree with the problems stemming from abuse, of course, but I’m not sure that demonizing gender and sexuality is the way to go here.

        Most people come to work to work; but there’s a growing percentage of people who use their workforce as their dating site.

        This has never been new behavior. If you keep people in close proximity for any amount of time, they’ll eventually talk about things other than work, and that includes romance. This has been the case since time began.

        It’s quite disturbing how Men inappropriately introduce sexual terms; nuances; innuendo

        It’s called baud, and goes back quite some time. And it is hardly (hardly!) limited to men.


        To be frank, the issue of gender and sex diversity in the workplace are inextricably tied to sexuality, and unless we are sex-positive and light-hearted and open-minded, we’ll never see the problem resolved to anyone’s satisfaction.

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        Ah Unfortunate; I was able to reproduce this with a current version of XCode.

        Sure it asked for my Passphrase as I specified one; but I got no popup :(

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          Same thing here (10.9, latest XCode).

          I’ll wait for more data before worrying.

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          1. https://tunnelbroker.net/

          There’s other providers; but if your datacenter does not provide ipv6 yet you will need to just tunnel it in.

          Most give you a /64 to start with; that’s a lot of ip’s to work with. If you’re talking just a vps this should be doable; the scripts on tunnelbroker.net should help you set everything up.

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            For reliability, I’ve had significantly better results with SixXS than with HE.net’s tunnel services. Test thoroughly either way, of course.

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              journeysquid, I think that depends on your endpoint entirely. I have had the opposite experience with SixXS.

              I was a SixXS user starting in 2006. I previously used HE.net but I changed due to their fire-walling policies that have since changed.

              Let me start by saying SixXS uses credits (or did). So you sign up and you request a tunnel and after 2-3 weeks of having your tunnel up you have saved up enough credits to ask for another tunnel; or a /48. I was naive I did not understand the stupidity of this; virtual currency basically but you cannot buy any credits.

              So having pops go down from time to time; you get docked credits; it costs you credits to change your pop (and you get a new ip allocated sometimes). I found this behavior to be harmful to the consumer (me) and pointless so I went back to he.net where they gave me everything i wanted without making me wait 3 weeks; or save up credits or nag me when my isp is down for a day.

              I do hope that SixXS has become better since then; but looking back it’s like some kind of virtual currency sham to penalize (me) for wanting ipv6.

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                SixXS is the reason I’m asking my ISP for a native address; my tunnel goes down very frequently. I’d say once a week or so. That might not seem like a lot, but it causes quite a bit of disruption. Enough to move my home server off my network and to disable IPv6 on most of my devices. Once the ball was rolling it wasn’t long till I was disabling AICCU on my router. It’s very disruptive to try SSHing into a server and have it fail because I’m using an IPv6 address and my tunnel is down. Again.

                Maybe you had better results but SixXS disappointed me quite a bit. Also, once I saw connectivity problems, I’d sign in and see the tunnel in green; it seems the system rarely detected any problems but I could see multi hour long outages on the graphs; all would fall to zero.

                I’d like to try HE at some point but I’ve been using a tunnel for around a year now. My ISP should be implementing native IPv6.

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              I worked for a client a few months back that used to hardcode all their AWS secret keys.

              Selecting their organization and doing an search for SECRET_KEY = was always popcorn fun.

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                That’s terrifying.