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    I like Lobsters a lot, but (unlike HN) does need a monetization strategy. Metafilter is phenomenal, but, to me, the ads really get intrusive – i assume that’s because the $5 i paid to join doesn’t keep it going.


    I hope there’s a way to balance, maybe find a larger partner to do (tasteful) ad sales? Reddit/Conde Nast?

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      Why does it need to be monetized?

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        To make it worth your time to continue working on it, I’d guess. Or at least to keep the servers running.

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          If hosting costs every get in the way of keeping Lobsters online my company will happily donate some of our excess compute capacity. I really like the way this is developing I will continue to be part of it.

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          +1 for Dan. This is really cool, but I can’t see a way it could be totally free – bandwidth, your time, etc is going to cost something.