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    Adding a stage to our monorepo’s Jenkins pipeline to generate test coverage reports (cobertura XML) for our go tests. It’s a simple script that invokes bazel coverage on $(bazel query ‘kind(go_dedault_test, //platform/…))’ and subsequently cats the resultant dat files into gocov and pipes those results into gocov-xml.

    And playing with new puppy, titus.

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      This is an incorrect, tired assumption. I suspect it will be resolved or forgotten over the next 20 years as ML and BCIs change the way we interact with our development environments.

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        I still can’t believe Go punted on providing a way to turn an enum value into a string without code generation. What a spectacular waste of an opportunity to do a better C.

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          Dismissive comments like this are not constructive and do not belong in any environment that encourages the evolution of opinion. If you have a strong opinion about something (e.g. code-generation) then back up that opinion with a strong argument.

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            please, not this discussion again.

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            Looking forward to a ledger that allows participants to (1) make a data-stream (of some type) available to a subset of privileged observers, (2) weight these streams (3) block and distribute based on weight, (4) allow network participants to chain streams into new “types”

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              Curious: what is the use case for such a system?

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                Apparently smart contracts. Coincidentally a friend just last week recommended I read up on Tezos. Take a look at the Michelson language specification in particular. https://www.tezos.com/static/papers/language.pdf

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                  Just found this, appears to be a primer on Michelson, but I haven’t looked too closely. https://www.michelson-lang.com/

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                  Enterprise integration, actually. Working on a paper, but don’t hold your breath.