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    Here’s an article that shows how to set up both Rails 3.2 and 4.0 with Ruby 2.0. Uses some new features of rvm. “With both versions on your machine, you’ll explore the new features of Rails 4.0 while continuing to develop projects with the most recent stable version.”


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      The tutorials are not intended to supplant the great introductions to Rails we already have (including Michael Hartl’s book). Rather, they are intended as a next step for developers who are gaining proficiency.

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        Since this is your own project, I think you should tag it “project”.

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          Yes, good suggestion, thanks!

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        Very happy to see this site coming back to life.

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          Show lobste.rs: My attempt to sort out confusion about the best way to add a JavaScript library to a Rails application. I wrote this in-depth article to explore what to do when your application is not wholly Rails. Comments and discussion welcome.

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            Looks nice, but


            Kube Framework is absolutely free.

            That’s not a license.

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              And it’s not on GitHub. Looks like a nice alternative to Twitter Bootstrap but it’s not going to gain widespread support without some licensing clarity and a GitHub repo.

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                One of the best parts of Bootstrap is using the LESS files as a base for your own styles. Until Kube shows up on Github, this won’t be possible.

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                It’s unnecessarily ambiguous, but it’s a license. There’s questions about the definition of the word “free” in this context. Is it gratis, or is it libre? It gets even more confusing, in the code it reads “License: free” which raises the question: is the license free or is “free” the name of some license. I think the license on the site takes precedence, implicitly naming it the “free” license. It’s all pretty dumb.

                Considering the context is software licenses, a free license is one that grants rights to modify and distribute software in the “libre” sense. The term “absolutely” can be easily shoehorned to pretty much let you get away with murder (in the context of the code).

                It’s basically a shitty version of the WTFPL.

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                Michael Bleigh’s latest project (with designer Jake Johnson).

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                  Now you can specify the version of Ruby in the Gemfile. That’s big for deployment to Heroku.

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                    It’s also useful for a fail-fast for people on your team using the wrong version of Ruby, and for rvm, which will use the information in the Gemfile to switch to the right version for you.

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                      I’ve updated my articles to point out the need to update Bundler:

                      @wycats I’m looking forward to Tokaido so I can cut the Installing Rails article down to one paragraph.