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    It’s scary to think that there might be an age limit on programming. Especially since I’m not going to finish my CS degree until I’m 29.

    Hopefully the 6+ years experience I already have will help me climb the ranks faster than a regular grad.

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      I got my CS degree when I was 28, I am 31 now. I had no problem finding a job after graduation, and I only had 3 years of experience at that point.

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        Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it. I have never turned down a highly skilled older developer. On the other hand, I’ve not even met that many programmers in their 50s, and the one time I interviewed one, they were trying to switch into programming from a different nontechnical career. Several current coworkers of mine are in their 40s, and they are easily an order of magnitude more competent than everyone in their 20s. I suspect this “trend” is a combination of FUD, ageism, and a genuine lack of supply.

        Also, I think worrying about current trends and ageism in the Valley is wasted emotional energy. By the time you are in your 40s, I hope we all look back at the ageism of this era with shame.