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    The language is called Go :)

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      I have found it useful to use “golang” when doing google searches.

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        There are two languages called Go as far as I can tell :-) I thought using Golang is nice way to differentiate.

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          Rob disagrees :)

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            You make a pedantic comment that ignores the common use of “Golang” to refer to the Go language. Your defense of this comment is the appeal to authority fallacy. None of this has been constructive, insightful, or even particularly correct.

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              Your defense of this comment is the appeal to authority fallacy

              Is Rob Pike not a trusted authority with a relevant opinion here?

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                Rob Pike is an authority and his opinion is relevant. But if Rob Pike’s opinion is correct, it is not because he is Rob Pike. Thus, “because Rob Pike said so” is not a winning argument. The fallacy of the appeal to authority is not that authorities aren’t authorities. It’s just that what authorities say, like anything anyone says, must be proven.

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              Rob is wrong.

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                Yeah, some random internet commenter knows better what the name of the language is than its creator.

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                  Creating something does not mean that one automatically has a good idea of what a good name, method or workflow is for other people.

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                    Creating something most certainly gives you the exclusive right of giving it a name, regardless of what someone else thinks about that name. Otherwise I’m just going to call you Martin Shkreli from now on.