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    Im glad you made it - works like a charm! I hope you will still be around, @jcs

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      Am I the only one that does not see big benefits in this?

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        It’s actually a huge deal. If you were around the web in the late 90’s, you may remember plugins like “ThirdVoice”. It was basically Disqus, for every website, managed externally from the website.

        Social sticky notes + social comments + notes for any site.

        I haven’t read the spec yet, but I imagine this is significant for taking discussions out of the “walled gardens” and giving that control back to users. I would quite like the ability to discuss a websites content without needing to register for an account on every page I visit.

        Although many won’t remember ThirdVoice today, it was quite disruptive in that regard. It gave end users to have a discussion on a medium that was entirely separate from the main site. I even recall websites such as SayNoToThirdVoice.com (or this one I found via google that is still online) organized by webmasters who felt they were losing control over discussions about their site. It will be exciting to see where this one goes.

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          If the only thing it achieves is getting rid of disqus and facebook comments then that will count as a win to me :)

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          I’m not even really sure I understand what it is.