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    Yet another accepted advertisement/product placement. These product page links are coming up more and more frequently and with a pretty high amount of upvotes: interesting…

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      I disagree. This is promoting an open hardware platform and teaching kids to code—two things I can completely get behind. I see no problem here.

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        Then you are behind 3 things: open hardware, teaching kids to code and blatant advertisements on

        Meta: We should definitely make a “marketing/advertisement” tag, it seems more and more people put their own personal preferences on whether an ad is acceptable or not.

        To me an ad is still an ad.

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          Everything is an ad for something.

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            That kind of empty rhetoric isn’t helpful.

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            The site does tend to the side of an advert, but I don’t think it’s fair to accuse it of being an ad outright. I can’t see any link between the submitter and the product, and until I can be shown a link I think icyphox’s view is the more fair.

            A lot of the stuff that appears here can be taken as some kind of an ad - maybe you dislike all of it, but as long as there is discourse surrounding what is posted I personally see no issue.

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              But a story should be judged on its own merit and not on the outcome it has.

              Otherwise nobody should ever be able to flag anything as that story might actually generate a discourse.

              Also, if that is the criterion for the stories, how about tweets, non-technical articles, etc? They could also spark some discourse.

              I personally don’t mind if there is some marketing in it (as everyone likes to mention, a lot of content has a marketing purpose) but it also has to give something back. Some people explain in detail part of a topic which is included in their product: if the article can stand on its own feet, despite being related to product X, then I’d say that gets a pass.

              But if you simply share the root of their official website page, that’s just sharing the product itself, which is the lowest form of advertising (and really, the worst kind of acceptable advertising is the accepted one of “word of mouth”, since who can truly prove that?).

              So no, I disagree that because there isn’t an obvious link between the poster and the story (btw, how do you know if they are not friends IRL?) the submission is fine.

              The story is clearly low effort and lots of more interesting content gets no upvotes, while this has 20+, isn’t that just plain wrong? Or is going to become Reddit

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        Going to swim “lessons” with my 8 month old son. Thinking of checking out night of ideas at the SF library.

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          Night of ideas? Sounds fascinating!

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          Hanging out with my in-laws and building a bulk import shipments functionality for

          Some of our customers are adding dozens of shipments one by one on daily basis. So this will be a nice addition.

          Canceled all meetings until the 2nd so me and team have some space to work without interruption, if they so chose.