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    I’ve really enjoyed writing in Nim for this year’s Advent of Code puzzles. Its type inference support enables static typing, which I find comforting, with the clean syntax of a dynamic language like Python. In fact the syntax is largely similar to Python. Love that it compiles to C like a “real program”, and I’m interested to try out its JavaScript compilation backend.

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      Glad you’re enjoying the language :)

      Be sure to pop into #nim on Freenode (or Gitter or Discord) if you’ve got any questions.

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      Can anyone familiar with Nim comment on the quality of the contents? I like the “in Action” part as it shows real examples but would like to learn idiomatic language if possible.

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        Author here. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the quality as I am biased. But the book does show many practical examples and thus teaches you the idiomatic way to do things. Hope that helps :)

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          dom is being a bit modest below - in addition to being the author of the book, he’s also the second-most prolific contributor to the language itself and has written much of the core tooling besides. Which is to say—you can trust that you’re learning idiomatic language from him because he wrote the idiom.

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            Excellent reply! That’s what I wanted to hear. Thank you.