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    I’m writing a orthogonal Vim-clone in C, because I don’t really like Vim’s bloat and lack of extensability at a low level due to bit-rot. Neovim is doing some OK stuff, but I’m going for an even more minimal design (under 8K SLOC). Most features will be handled by piping out to other processes, including window layout (which will be handled by tmux rather than the internal editor). This simplifies the code, makes keybindings more sane across the three vim-like levels of bindings (editor, multiplexer and window manager).

    That’ll probably be the main thing I work on this week, but if I get something finished faster than I was expecting, I’ll start rewriting my lisp interpreter. It’s kind of working at this point, but there are far too many memory leaks, so I’m probably going to have to start from (mostly) scratch :\

    If anyone knows of a good minimal lisp implementation in C (maybe with static memory allocation? At least with a sane memory management model), let me know!

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      You might also be interested in Jeff Bezanson’s femtolisp.

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        chibi scheme is well worth a look too

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          Interesting project. Thanks for the link!

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          You may find kakoune interesting, though it’s C++ rather than C.

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            Yeah! That’s one of the projects that’s inspired me. I would use it, but Vim bindings are too embedded in my muscle memory at this point :P

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              Thanks for this. I’m going to try out kakoune. Also willing to test-drive nc’s thing when it’s ready.