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    “all you need to annotate are function parameters and return values” - true in C++ now too, it’s not just Rust.

    “gtest sucks” - it does, but there are far better alternatives. I agree that pytest rocks. I’m curious as to whether dependency injection and mocking are better in Rust than in C++, especially given the lack of compile-time reflection.

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      In my experience C++ generally requires more annotation of types within a function body, so it is still fair to call out annotating only function parameters and return values as a strength of Rust in particular.

      For example in Rust:

      // Within the same function body we push a `&str` into the vector
      // so compiler understands this must be a `Vec<&str>`.
      let mut vec = Vec::new();

      versus C++:

      // Vector element type cannot be inferred.
      std::vector<const char *> vec;
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        C++17 has constructor template argument deduction, so you can just say auto vec = vector({"str"}) now. Though Rust’s type inference is obviously more powerful.