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    I found that neovim is much, much faster than vim, with a comparable setup. I would highly recommend trying it. I have been using neovim for over a year now, it’s very good. A lot of high quality plugins are being written with support for only neovim now.

    Additionally, I would highly recommend fzf.vim over CtrlP and others. I have tried all of the major fuzzy finding plugins for vim, and fzf.vim is by far the fastest and works how I would expect.

    I stopped using CtrlP because in a large project (several hundred thousand files), searching for a small string “icp” would not find “app/models/icp.rb”, but would instead find longer and more irrelevant results. fzf.vim works as I expect in this case.

    You also never need to invalidate the cache, it rebuilds every time you search. It’s fast enough that you can use it to search all files on your computer. You can do locate / | fzf and it’s ready to go in a second or so (you can still search while it’s indexing). In normal projects it’s pretty much instant.

    tl;dr: use neovim and fzf.vim. All hail junegunn.

    Edit: Oh, and if you want to use ctrl-p to activate it, add this to your vimrc.

    noremap <c-p> :FZF<CR>
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      Seconded, fzf is great. I didn’t yet know about the vim specific wrapper for it though, so thank you for that! This is part of why I love fzf, it’s not specific to vim and so I use it all the time, even when not inside vim.

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        junegunn has made me love vim again. He’s tpope’s successor :-)

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          FWIW, OP was a neovim user.

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          Your site, your rules. Maybe a job board would yield higher revenue and also be useful?

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            job board

            I was thinking of a job board too. This place seems to be a daily thing for a lot of talented people, there’s enormous value in this. RemoteOK.io (for remote jobs) seems to be doing quite well & growing too.

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              I second this, a job board would be a great idea and companies usually spend a lot of money to advertise open positions/hire people so why not here?

              This also sounds like a win/win situation for both, the companies who are hiring, and the lobster’s who are looking for a new job.