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    One more week of vacation, where I will definitely get books on Iceland in order to plan the honeymoon trip this summer. I might, maybe, work on getting a forge up and running, or buy an old one from someone within a reasonable distance from here. If I am very very very lucky, I might even hit heated steel with a hammer.

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      If you can, I loved the freedom of renting a small camper van when visiting Iceland. We had a rough plan of the sites we wanted to see and with the van you can spend as much or as little time at each place.

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        We rented a gorgeous little house by the sea, we’re there for 8 days. We want to do a few museums, go for a thermal bath, do the thing where you go down the volcano. There’s also this fishing trip thing we saw that I think would be cool to do, but as I list those things it already sounds kinda tight 😂 I mean, gotta keep some time for hiking within Reikjavík, and hiking outside of Reikjavík too. Gonna go by too fast.

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      I’ve been working on implementing Fortune’s Algorithm in Rust for Voronoi Diagrams. I’ve made some progress so maybe I can knock out the last few pieces.

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        If you’re just after the resultant Voronoi output, I found the Jump Flood Algorithm to be much easier to comprehend and (with a few missteps) implement.

        (Although that does give you the solid Voronoi rather than the edges which might be important to you…)

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          This definitely seems like it would be easier. I am looking for the edges though. So far the part I’m having the most trouble with is the border cases. The original algorithm doesn’t seem to cover them (I haven’t actually fully read Stephen’s paper) but it seems like border specific events could help.