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    Company: GaggleAMP

    Company site:

    Position(s): Ruby on Rails Developer

    Location: REMOTE, EST/EDT time zone

    Description: GaggleAMP was the first company in the “Employee Advocacy” space and has led the field in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction. We are a fully remote development team looking to add a talented Ruby on Rails developer working EST/EDT time zone. In this role you will work on our existing codebases to improve outcomes for customers, with whom you would interface directly. Additionally, you will be part of the DevOps team ensuring our systems’ uptime. This position is perfect for developers who like to manage multiple projects at a time, enjoy direct customer interactions, and gain a sense of accomplishment from driving value through the product.

    Tech stack: Ruby on Rails and React.js

    Compensation: $60,000 - $90,000; Medical, dental, and vision insurance; Matching 401K

    Contact: Applications go through the job application page.

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      Uhm, is that lawyer proof?

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        Sorry if i don’t get it, what do you mean by “lawyer proof”?

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          They are probably referring to Google’s AMP service.

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            Oh! No, not related at all to Google or Google’s AMP technology. Gaggle defined as flock and “AMP” as the beginning of the word “amplify” :D

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            It sounds very similar to google AMP

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        Plz open 51°10′44″N 1°49′34″W Willing to pay…