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    I really like this idea, and think JSON is simple enough and conveys enough information for this to make sense. If anybody is going to spearhead this initiative it is Dave Winer (one of the pioneers of RSS).

    1. 3

      This is great, now if only I could set up a private CI server that doesn’t involve more than half a day of my time!

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        Same here. Although it’s not perfect and it seems halfway abandoned, integrity is what I’ve been trying to get set up lately. If you can get your build environment right, you should be okay.

        For what it’s worth, I have heard rumblings that the Travis CI folks will eventually offer private CI.

      1. 4

        I’m curious, what’s the hosting setup?

        1. 5

          A (real) server in California running OpenBSD.

          1. 3

            Any reason for OpenBSD, other than the high security? Personally, I’m a FreeBSD fan for servers.

            1. 6

              I’m an OpenBSD developer and it’s just what I’ve used for everything for the past decade or so.