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    I applaud the attempt, but given how annoying those websites already make themselves to use (get fucked, new Reddit) I’m skeptical of its efficiency.

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      the day they break old.reddit.com is the day i will finally be free

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        Same with new Twitter, it is as if the website got worse to race this project to completion.

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          I’m curious what work they do that requires Reddit and Twitter though.

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            So does their employer.

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          Broken link? It just takes me to a blurb about centrist views and safe spaces

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            Weird. I was seeing a book draft before.

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            Also for a more budget friendly split mech kb, I really recommend the Diverge.

            The Ergodox’s thumb cluster always seemed a bit much for me.

            edit: scratch the “budget friendly” part… the new aluminum diverge is twice as expensive as the old plastic ones

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              Awesome article!

              Clojure and ClojureScript compile to JVM bytecode and JavaScript, respectively. In contrast, an interpreter directly executes the input code. Some popular interpreted languages are JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

              To be fair, Python gets compiled to bytecode too, so if it’s interpreted then so are JVM languages.

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                There was a good discussion of this a while back: https://lobste.rs/s/21ik7o/are_there_any_interpreted_languages

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                Some keyboards (ergodox, mine) use a TRRS connector for power and I2C

                It’s really not a great engineering idea. You run into issues with shorts (if you plug in the cable while it’s already powered up) and incorrectly manufactured cables. The upside is that the connectors are cheap and small and the cables are ubiquitous.

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                  Same thing with the Diverge.

                  Seems like it’s practically convention for split keyboards at this point :D

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                  Very cool. I had no idea people were using C# at this low of a level without pinvoking C!