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    Nice work, I can’t wait to try this out! Hopefully I will have some free time over the holidays and next year to try helping with Arabic support.

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      This is the first time I’ve seen the term “modding” used for this.

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        Indeed. As I mentioned at the bottom of the post, the traditional term (“ricing”) is quite racist, as I was informed the last time I posted it here. Modding makes intuitive sense here, and is a widely used term in other places. “modding Unix” or “modding Linux” is easily Google-able, too.

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          I LOVE the Unix “modding scene” but the terminology can be cringe. I can never link co-workers to the r/unixporn subreddit for example.

          I hope more graphic designers start to use modded Unix PCs and help boost this art form. It seems like Figma and the decline of Apple/Adobe are creating the conditions for designers to move to Linux next decade.

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            That, and the slow shift away from such cringey language - see, e.g, the GIMP -> Glimpse fork, et cetera.

            We can hope!

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            I’ve never heard the term ricing used in this context. To be fair, I didn’t pay attention how Linux users call it, because it’s simply configuring things ;)

            In the past the term I read most often was deskmodding or skinning, back when you needed special tools to make your Windows installation a little more unique. ThemeXP, ResHacker, Winamp Skins…

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              Always wondered where the term ‘ricing’ came from. Thanks for the clarification.

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                FYI there’s still one instance of the term “ricing” (just after the first two screenshots).

                I don’t suppose you’re still using the purple theme? I like it.

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                  Oops! I should improve my ripgrep skills, clearly :P

                  I’m no longer using the same purple theme; the contrast was not sufficient, so I made the background color a little darker. I’m glad you like it!