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    Anybody know the date of this blog/interview, is this recent?

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      I did the interview with Michael a little over a month ago, so fairly recent.

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      Shameless plug - I interviewed Andreas, the creator of Nim, about his philosophy and design choices here:

      Might be an interesting read for people who are thinking about using Nim and wondering how it compares to the C family, Python, Go, etc.

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        I love his final words:

        creativity is often the result of constraints.

        Nice small interview by the way :)

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          Very interesting read. Definitely makes me more interested in trying out Nim. He said he works full-time and has two other programmers working on it too. Where does the money come from for this?

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            Where does the money come from for this?

            One year ago Nim partnered with Status, see the article about this partnership.

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            Nim’s long development process and growing community also mean that Nim is mature

            A-ha-heh… um… When I looked, the package/library ecosystem doesn’t hold a candle to, say, RubyGems or npm. (Not hating on Nim, just saying.)

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              Maybe mature doesn’t mean that there is a package for everything, but rather the packages are not buggy.