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    Hey guys, this is a personal project of mine that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s a place where you can create your own online community, similar to Reddit, but with more of a focus on content rather than links. One of things I do differently there is make search the primary way to find content. As a board owner you are able to create your own custom categories and tag filtering system that users can use to search on.

    Some additional highlights …

    • Create Sticky Topics, Private Topics and Media Slideshows
    • Send Board Announcements To All Subscribed Users
    • Moderation Tools Like Banning Users, Awarding Badges and Reputation Points
    • Customize Your Own Branding with CSS and Image Uploads
    • Access to User / Board / Topic Analytics
    • All Boards & Content is Optimized for Mobile Devices
    • A Sitewide, Live Chat System (and eventually private chatrooms for each board)
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      Is the source available anywhere?

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        No, it’s not open source right now. I would like to do this eventually, but not at this early stage.

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        Nice work - I’ve only had a quick browse around but it looks like a lot of work has gone into it.

        One thing I miss in all forums is a bidirectional email gateway - I’d love to be able to subscribe to a forum (or subforums within that form) and be able to interact with it via email. This means receiving an email for each post (with proper headers so that my MUA can thread) and being able to post by replying to emails. Yahoo Groups and Google Groups do that, but none of the open source forum software I’ve used does. Which sucks. But maybe it’s just me that wants that kinda thing? I just find interaction by email so much faster than having to login to 20+ forums and read the threads I’m interested in. Yes, I do miss the heydey of Usenet, damnit.

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          Hehe, I do miss Usenet too, damnit :) Yea, I’ve heard this idea before on a few mailing lists I used to subscribe to, so I don’t think you’re alone in wanting it. But unfortunately it would be quite a bit of work to implement. Integrating with an email server is not easy, but definitely going to note this down as something to scope out in the future. Thanks!

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        god i love this so much. better programming through types.

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          Nice! I left a comment on the post too, but you don’t need to do that configuration: cargo build includes -g already, by default. cargo build --verbose will show you all the flags.

          Oh, and benchmarking should probably be done with optimizations on…

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            oh dang, nice. I suspected something like this might have been the case after I published the blog post. Thanks for letting me know about --verbose. I’m going to rerun the benchmarks with optimizations now.

            EDIT: yup, ten times faster with optimizations.

            $ time target/release/noise
            real    0m0.120s
            user    0m0.111s
            sys     0m0.007s