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    They take up a lot of space in a URL: Try double clicking on that ID to select and copy it. You can’t. The browser interprets it as 5 different words. It may seem minor, but to build a product that developers love to use, we need to care about details like these.

    UUIDs are 128 bit numbers; the 7cb776c5-8c12-4b1a-84aa-9941b815d873 form is one of many possible encodings. You’re not beholden to it! I’ve become quite fond of just plain old hex encoding, for example.

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      Similarly, my company just base64url-encodes UUIDs. We store UUIDs in the database and encode them whenever we need the string representation.

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      Work: porting the company’s API (written in Rust) to use the axum web framework. Porting tests is a pain, but so far loving the framework. The model of functions + extractors is very clever