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    Don’t forget the keyboard

    I feel like keyboard users are a dying breed at this point, but for those of us that, when presented with a login dialog, like to rapidly type

    name@example.com, tab, p4$$w0rd, enter

    … please verify that this works as it should. Tab order, enter to submit, etcetera.


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      Password manager.

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        My password manager (pass) is not intergrated into my browser, so I still have to copy paste from the command line to the form.

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          There’s a fairly good extension if you use firefox:


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            Yes! I’ve tried it before and you’re right. Unfortunately I also use vimperator (Ever since pentadactyl was more or less abandonned) with no gui, so many plugins that expect gui interaction do not work.

            1. 1

              I’d try to get something working, since integrated password managers are fantastic at foiling phishing attacks.

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      We switched to using UUIDs for one of our projects recently - you’ll likely run into issues if using postgres once you start using more unusual index types, such as GIN or GIST indexes. This is because the uuid type is missing the gist and gin operator classes, so postgresql doesn’t really know what to do here.

      For example to index a uuid array field requires the gin operator class for the uuid type, so we ended up having to cast the uuid[] to a text[] and index that instead, however the uuid type doesn’t support casting to the text type so we had to create a custom function for this… you get the idea.

      It can be quite restrictive when trying to use other features of your database when your primary key type doesn’t quite behave like a first class citizen.