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    Finally making progress with 30x500. This week I’m not doing any work work, so it is a good time to make progress with that course. :)

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      The problem starts when it is viewed not as a tool, but as a set of divine commandments. Thou shalt not make implicit nils explicit. Thou shalt not write long-form conditionals. Thus saith the RuboCop.

      I completely agree with this. I’m not sure why, but I have internalized that disabling/ignoring a cop is a bad thing. It is not always a bad thing. Your article is a great example that it is okay to disable cops when they make your code harder to read and maintain.

      As engineering leaders, we should all try to tell our teammates that it is okay to ignore RuboCop when code is easier to understand ignoring a cop.

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        You get it. I just want people to make RuboCop work for the team, instead of making the team work for RuboCop. If we’re going to put up hurdles for developers to spend time jumping over, then they need to provide a proportionate benefit.