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    Company: Discord

    Company site:

    Position(s): Security Engineer

    Location: San Francisco, CA

    Description: We’re hiring security engineers (well, and a bunch of other stuff, but I’m the hiring manager for security engineers) to work on Discord’s brand new security engineering team! We’re a small company so this is a very broad role – you don’t have to be an expert at (or even be familiar with) all of the things we’ll be doing, but the ideal candidate would be an expert in at least one of the areas we’ll be working in. There are no hard requirements, definitely get in touch even if you have a nontraditional background.

    Check out the job description here:

    Contact: Feel free to reach out with any questions on Discord at cmFtc2V5IzAwMDE=. I’m also on IRC. Happy to give resume/career advice too, even if you aren’t interested in the role.

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      Experience with Linux system administration (we’re on Ubuntu 14.04…)

      Oh my

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        It’s fine, technology doesn’t change much in 5 years. Definitely not in the security arena.

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          Definitely not in the security arena.

          That couldn’t be more false given both the amount of effort/tooling applied to finding vulnerabilities in Linux kernels and the recent focus on hardware flaws popularized by Meltdown/Spectre. Even projects in high-assurance security targeting commodity platforms need updates due to flaws below or around their developers’ scope.

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            Maybe I should’ve put a /s tag on my comment…

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              I hear ya. My bad misreading it

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