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    Basically, the problems that Rust is designed to avoid can be solved in other ways — by good testing, good linting, good code review, and good monitoring.

    This sounds like a false economy to me. In my experience catching problems already at compilation stage is pretty much always a saving over catching bugs later in the life cycle – especially if it goes into production and is caught via monitoring. It might initially feel like higher velocity, but as the code complexity grows, it really isn’t.

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      I’m reminded of the facetious adage from science that “a year in the library can save a day in the lab.”

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        You have reminded me of one of my favorites, which is, “weeks of programming can save you hours of planning.”

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      I want this to work for me, but so far it hasn’t panned out. I do Swift development, and thought on the road I could use Swift Playgrounds and then sync to my development machine back home. I thought I could work on small problems (e.g. coming up with the right data structure and algorithm to solve a particular problem) this way. However, the format between the two means data transfer doesn’t really work. But, it is fun to hack away in a Swift Playground. It just isn’t programming in the day-to-day sense.