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    Mailmate on Mac (Configured to prefer plaintext over HTML)

    But I prefer (and extensively use) mutt with following configurations:

    • A lot of custom key bindings
    • Sidebar patch
    • mbsync for imap syncing (Maildir + multiple accounts)
    • msmtp for outbound
    • mu for indexing and search + keybinding in mutt
    • Vim as text editor (+ spell checking and proper line brreaking)
    • w3m or links to decode html - I am slightly happier with how w3m decodes tables
    • gnupg
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        Gitlab does the same. If you don’t want to be subject to US sanctions, then you’ll have to use a service hosted outside of the US:

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          I stopped trusting and relying on third-party services for critical stuff long ago (git/email/storage/etc) and self-host all these.

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        C or Go (depending on the project)