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    Planning to finally get some furniture in the bedroom, upgrading the motorcycle cargo space and look into running my own mastodon instance.

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      I’m taking a small trip with the parents for some walking/talking/catching up. Also visiting the opening of a friends new office and joining a NERF fight later on Sunday. I’ve also stepped up my interest in law, so I’ll be catching up on a course that I joined late.

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        After a long time away from projects, I’m gonna start them up again. So cleaning up some easy issues and tweaking some of the CI to be up to date with new ideas.

        I’ve closed the door behind me at $OLD_WORK and am moving full speed into $NEW_WORK, but this weekend is for me.

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          Switched up careers a bit, adjusting to the new environment. Picking up some old hobby projects since the day-to-day no longer drains all my IT motivation.

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            Prepping to start a new job next week. So lots of administration and things. Also the weahter is improving, so it’s time to pick up the outdoor training schedule again.

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              update the CV, send out some applications and mount some CCTV cameras around my place. Oh and some excersise. Past few months have not been kind to my wright.

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                After quite a rough couple of weeks, finally getting back into a routine. Those past few weeks do have me seriously considering switching jobs. I had some interesting projects at the start, but lately the projects can’t seem to motivate me to invest time into them and finish them up. I think I need a job with more variety since this is becoming a recurring trend in my career.

                So this week:

                • Dust of some old side projects that have been idle
                • Get back into routine: cooking, sports, social life, work, …
                • Send out some probes to some of the companies that interest me to work for
                • Get the $WORK work done on pure self-discipline
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                  Short week of work, then some much needed time off. Past couple of weeks I’ve felt completely drained and overwhelmed at work, causing me some issues that even the manager picked up on. So gonna go and do some reflection, work on some small personal projects and work on getting a healthy rythm in my live again.

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                    • Work: Major refactoring on our logging
                    • !Work: Home purchase is coming up in 2 weeks, interstate move in 4 weeks. All logistics have been figured out now (and for WAY cheaper than it might have been).
                    • !Work: I went on Steam and bought Dyson Sphere Program, and OH BOY IS THAT JUST ANOTHER FACTORIO so that will probably be my life for a bit.

                    BTW Pro-tip if you’re moving between states (in the US):

                    • Cost of paying a moving company to come, load, move, and unload your stuff: ~$6-10k
                    • Cost of renting a Uhaul for 4 days + hiring loaders hourly for the load on each end separately: ~$3k
                      • The only thing you have to do here is drive the U-haul yourself, but damn if that’s not worth $3-7k lol
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                      Both of those sound expensive! I did a move last year using PODS – they dropped off the container, we loaded it in, they drove it to the new state and stored until we were ready. Then we hired movers to help unload the PODS stuff into our home. Total cost was about $2k I think… east coast to the midwest.

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                        That’s fair, but if I add on the movers to load the PODS then it becomes closer to $2.5k, at which point I’m spending 500 extra for the uhaul but i have full control over exactly when it arrives and in what state. I personally find that to be worth the extra cost.

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                          Odd, I just did a move recently and found PODS a bit more expensive than renting a truck… $3k vs $3.5ish, overall. And I’m in a state in my life where time is more valuable than money, so spending an extra $500 on the container to not have to drive a truck and a car over 1000 miles is worth it. The container can catch up and be delivered when it’s convenient for me.

                          (Though I personally found PODS’s online system and tech support absolutely abysmal, and am going to be looking for different companies next time I move.)

                          Hiring professional movers is always worth it though, if you can.

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                            That’s also fair – my move is about 8h of driving so not much overall, and we need to be much more picky about the timing of our stuff arriving.

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                        Warning, Dyson Sphere Project is highly addictive and time flies by when playing it. I may have ended up multiple times at 3AM in the morning not even realising it.

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                          Oh I became aware of how addictive this was the moment I started playing it – it hits way too many of my “favorite” things in a single game. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with it.

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                        Thinking mostly. Past few weeks have brought me some food for thinking and I want to do some reflecting on the things of life.
                        Also, I have some furniture that needs assembling and chores.

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                          Lots of cycling and lots of practice to type colemak on my moonlander.

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                            Checkout I caught up to my old WPM in Colemak in a few weeks practicing on that site an hour or two everyday.

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                            I’d work with this dude.

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                              I’d drink with him too

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                              Wrote down some planning for this weekend, so hopefully all of them. Most notable things:

                              • order a table, after 5 months of living here it’s about time.
                              • finalize the mailserver setup and testing. Maybe see if I can get some family to use it
                              • writing a report
                              • hopefully some hobby programming and cycling as well. I’ve been slacking and want to get to 100km this week on the bicycle!
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                                Probably gonna fight through the boring task of finishing up some config parser for a project of mine. Sometimes the hobby project also has boring parts to do. I have a couple of draft ideas for some blog posts, so I’ll probably pick one out and work on a blog post.

                                Also looking forward to spend some time outside and enjoy the sun, probably take the hammock out somewhere with a good book.

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                                  Disconnecting from the digital world mainly. Long walks, chores and some reading. Last week has been a bit too much.

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                                    • work: fixed a text encoding bug last week which requires me to rewrite some of the caching mechanism I created recently. So that’s what will be on the schedule for this week together with some smaller tasks. I also want to write down my experience during onboarding so the company can use that.

                                    • personal: Really want to put some work in a long running project of mine. As it stands now, some contributions to OSS repos will come from it. Also, gained some weight the past few weeks … so picking up some healthy snacks and recipes this week.

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                                      • work: implement caching to try and take some load of the DB when a massive amount of reconnects happen
                                      • personal: try and put some time in my site, blogging and a personal project I’d like to make some progress on
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                                        Currently working on something that can be used to apply linux traffic control setups and planning to eventually build it out into more some kind of QoS control plane daemon. The hardest part has been actually figuring out the operation of this tool that it become easier than a shell script with just tc commands (since that would be the main competition of this tool). It’s been a good excersise in stopping myself from overthinking certain things and just write them to see what happens, since I find myself reworking the same functionality often just because I think it could be done better.

                                        Progress is slow though: sometimes lack of motivation, other times I get nerdsniped into spending the weekends resolving weird bugs and problems in other projects.

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                                          Are you using XDP for this purpose?

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                                          • projects: Started tweaking some parts of my site to introduce some more color to it, see if I can’t finish some PR that I’ve been wanting to do for a while and attempt to figure out a good way to parse Linux TC filters into my programs config file.

                                          • personal: continue reading 1984 and go out for a hike with some friends