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    This is pretty awesome. Looks like a pretty fun place to work.

    Also mind blowing that these folks are elderly or close to that now.

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      Visual studio code is amazing. There are tons of reasons here, but even without them I think the consistent performance in both Windows and Mac says a lot.

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        Consistent performance on Windows, Mac, AND LINUX! I’ve been using it for Go Development on arch for a while and it’s extremely good. To the point where I’m thinking of switching from Sublime Text entirely. I was really resistant to trying it (M$) but it’s probably the nicest GUI Editor/semi-IDE-thing that I’ve used.

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          Does it have good vim emulation yet? Haven’t tried it as my main editor in a few months now.

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            It’s not perfect (my comparison is evil-mode in Emacs which is close to perfect) but it’s good enough. Basic editing/movement is great, but it runs into trouble with things like multiple-cursor support (it tries to implement block-visual mode with multiple cursors and sometimes gets into a…situation).

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              heretical statement: i prefer evil-mode in Emacs to Vim.

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                Oh, me too, and maybe I should have mentioned I do miss Spacemacs terribly in VS Code. But most people wouldn’t file that under “vim emulation”. :) [Edit: and also it occurs to me that macros run really, really slow, so I switch back to Emacs for complex editing.]

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              It has “fine” vim emulation, but not good enough to feel natural when I’m pairing with my coworker who uses it.

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                It has some okay keystroke emulation, but I miss a lot of the more niche features of vim, like page marks, bufdo, and good macros. I realize it’s all of the stuff that makes vim “vim” to me, and not just modal editing.