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    I’m looking into studying Esperanto again. I’m gonna use this site to do it. I hope that by doing this, I can help my future studies into French become a lot easier.

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        Why not try to learn French directly?

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          I have been, I’m having issues with it. I’ve been using Duolingo, a textbook and talking with a few people close to me in Montreal; but it’s not really coming to me very easily yet.

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            As someone who learned English as a child in a literally British (Army) school and then had to try to learn French in high school, I feel you. Good luck! Esperanto seems cool - I’ve only encountered in restaurant menus[1] and it’s fascinating how much I can grok from context.

            [1] http://fandado.se/eng/

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          Why not Romanian?

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          Learning rust and practicing my domain-driven design skills while using a task management application. Rust is tough, even for 10+ years of programming experience and a dozen of languages and tech stacks.

          If you’re interested in collaboration, please PM me. Project is open-source.