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    For the next two days, I’m gainfully unemployed, and then on Wednesday I’m starting a new job writing Kotlin for a small nonprofit, which will be a pretty big shift from my past few years of professional experience mostly writing CRUD apps in Java for large for-profits. Today has been mostly relaxing with a few household chores thrown in; tomorrow I think will be bootstrapping my knowledge of Kotlin (which I’ve never used before), with a few household chores thrown in.

    In the spirit of giving and receiving advice, I’d like to offer: even if you’re happy with your current job, it’s worth it to look periodically at openings. I was happy with my previous job, but I’m far more excited about my next one. And I’d like to ask: what do people recommend when starting a new job? Little rituals, ways of making introductions or reigning in anxiety? I don’t have any plans more concrete than showing up, getting my laptop set up, and trying not to make an ass of myself in front of anyone who doesn’t know me yet.

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      How does one find a job at a non-profit, any tips? I think it would be a good job for the soul. Good luck with your new start :)

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        Thanks! In my case, it was “know people who are there, and apply”. The application process was not meaningfully distinguishable from that at the for-profit companies I’ve applied to. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I think my advice would be to find organizations you like and then check their job listings, like you would do with a for-profit entity.

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        I have a plant and a keyboard that follow me from desk to desk when I change jobs, I find having a little bit of familiar desk detritus makes a new place feel less imposing!

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          My keyboard and mouse will come on Thursday; I like to scope out my workspace before I haul them in. I have a goofy funko pop Vivec who watches over my desk, but I should get an office plant. My jade tree at home has a bunch of seedlings I could repot.

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          Altruism. Congratulations!

          I’m planning to do the same. To find a non-profit where my design and development skills would be more useful than now, when they serve profit. Right, website selling ads.

          Any tips where to look at? Thanks :)