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    My tactic so far has been similar to the bicycle shaped object approach described in the article.

    Like the father he mentions, I go out if my way to uglify my already ugly and unappealing bike.

    For instance, I leave it dirty, as if ‘this-bike-is-utterly-broken’ dirty; besides that, since I live In a very religious place, I added several religious motifs to where they could stand out. However, all this is just superficial, because all of its parts are top notch though. To put us in another way, the bike is actually good, but looks pretty bad and in bad shape.

    In a nutshell, I’m appealing to different sensibilities, messing with the minds of any possible wannabe thief. It has worked thus far.

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      This is exactly what I do to my bicycle here in Copenhagen. Keep it functional but shabby looking and with a big U-lock. I have had the same bike for 18 years now and I leave it everywhere.

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      No plans. And that by design. That’s my plan at least.

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        You can also learn vim by playing an RPG

        P.S. It’s probably long past due for me to update my vim post

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          …especially since the previous post is “RIP Google Reader” 🤣

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            Wow! Thanks for that link. I’m going to give it a try this weekend. Maybe I’ll finally take a side on the timeless Vi(m) vs. Emacs debate…

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            Over the weekend I bought and built an industrial sewing machine; a couple hours of drilling, tinkering with nuts and bolts, and it’s finally assembled. I have an iron on the way, along with fabric and thread, and this week is going to be spent familiarizing myself with it / learning to sew. Also passively looking for patterns for when I’m eventually ready to do work on jeans.

            I’ve also gotten really into Go the past few months and started going through some books / playing a game every night so want to continue doing that.

            And of course all the usual work-stuff :). I think this week is going to be a set of plumbing / automation / data challenges than front end feature work.

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              Sewing is one of my most prized hobbies, the guaranteed path to be out of my worries for hours without end. Some years ago I even bought a sewing machine out of my meagre income at the time, and I still consider it to be one of my top three purchases if all time. Yes, that’s how much I’m into sewing. So I’m thrilled to know you bought an industrial sewing machine. That’s taking the whole thing to a different, more fascinating level!

              While wishing I was you, I wish you all the the best with your sewing experiences!

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              What am I writing right now? My dissertation. And like everyone else that has gone through the same thing, I’m kind of stuck, knowing not how I’ll manage to do it on time.

              Part of me is a little bothered by this, but I’m sufficiently self-aware to know that these crises are normal. So if on the one hand I’m kind of stressed, on the other I’m feeling like a tourist of my own emotions, sightseeing (or sightfeeling) through my despair.

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                I’m not adding much to the discussion, but I like to share that I’ve never considered the use of a software license for such a specific political goal.

                It could be argued that GPL, and with different degrees depending on the version, by philosophical design has some political overtones. But even if that’s true, the end goal is not the political, but practical. But not this one. This is purely political.