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    Out of interest, why did you move from nginx to traefix?

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      My server setup is built around docker, and traefik makes it very easy to expose your docker containers right in the docker-compose files, without needing much configuration.

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      Appreciated that you’re trying to help here, but open source projects don’t just get maintainers by looking for random people on the internet. A new maintainer needs to be invested in the project, have an existing history of high quality contributions, and a be trusted to maintain the project’s vision, i.e. any potential new maintainers will already be known to the existing maintainers.

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        You’re correct, but I don’t think it defeats OP’s purpose.

        There are many projects that I use (but have never contributed to), that I’d be willing to find the time to inherit if no one else would. I’m not saying the outgoing maintainer should hand it off to me straight away, but this serves as a plaza to put outgoing and incoming maintainers in touch with each other.

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          There’s also for this specific purpose

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          Right. I find it hard to work or understand things I’m not interested in (or motivated to be), so I’m not sure how well this drive-by maintainer search could work.

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            The idea for this list came from a Mastodon thread. Someone I follow was feeling burnt out about his project and was looking for someone to help him review submissions for the, to which I offered my help. I’m now reviewing multiple PRs a day for the project.

   is an experiment to see if there is demand for such a platform in other parts of the internet.

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              Looks like no.

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          QBE sounds cool. How much faster does it run than LLVM?

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            There are some benchmarks that I don’t remember. Essentially, QBE aims to get you 70% of the way there with 0.01% of the complexity. The other 30% are optimizations that would require huge complexity. This means that llvm is faster in most situations since it does a lot of optimization, but QBE is far more lightweight.

            There is a great lightning talk by Drew DeVault you might be interested in:


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            This is because BTRFS does not know about the drives yet when the filesystems are mounted

            Does anyone know why this happens? I haven’t experienced it on Ubuntu / CentOS / Fedora. Even mounting btrfs from a file just works without extra steps there. Why does Alpine need an explicit scan?

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              The btrfs-packages for distros like Ubuntu/Fedora install an init-script that does this. Alpine isn’t “there” yet, so you have to manually add it.

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                Do you know where specifically? In Ubuntu for example I can only find 64-btrfs-dm.rules which I don’t believe will kick in after running mkfs. And I’m sure you can mkfs, then mount without scanning.

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                  I imagine it is just that. The systemd-udevd vendored rules and the btrfs built-in, in udevd, remove the need to use the btrfs-progs btrfs device scan sub command.

                  I only dug about this deep:

                  I’m assuming the device scan ioctl probably does most of what udevd would know from running its own filesystem detection built-ins or utilities. I checked /usr/include/linux/btrfs.h but the documentation in the header is very sparse. I guess the next step would be poking through the kernel to confirm the ioctl behavior is what I think it is. Maybe I’ll update this post if I get to it.

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                    Ok so this makes sense - mkfs.btrfs does the scan ioctl call itself on the device when it’s finished:

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              umm, it seems it would require different signups and login for different services? It would be great if you can add SSO

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                SSO is on our roadmap. I just haven’t had the time nor the knowledge to set it up. :)

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                I recently built a simple compiler in rust. I’m documenting what I did, and plan to release this resource as a book.