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    I’m really under the impression of reading “from Vim to Notepad”, where the author only states that “Vim has too many features (?), so using notepad is better, hey, I even adjusted my workflow to accommodate for the lack of features!”.

    I don’t understand. Why not just use vim with the limited set of features you know?

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      Solid case of procrastination. Developers get bored like anyone else. When the thing they are working on gets boring, they may compensate with something that feels personal, their editor, workflow, window manager…

      It’s a healthy behavior to some degree. A hour spent automating a two hour worth of repetitive tasks is great. Two hours would be okay. I would worry a bit if a developer in my teams wouldn’t even try or decided to spend a year in ed.

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        I agree, to me, to do a comparison with tennis, it’s a bit like saying that forbidding you to run to catch the ball, you need to get much better at predicting your opponents moves. OK, that’s an exercise, why not, but we can’t say it makes you better at playing tennis, you’re better at predicting, but you should still use vim^W^Wrun while you play tennis.